"Elise came into my life during one of my most difficult periods. I was at a point where from a survival mode I was only in my masculine energy. I had lost myself, but didn't know it yet. Elise showed me over and over again throughout the process how I was sabotaging myself and how that was holding me back in my growth. As I connected deeper with myself, and began to feel my own fire again, as my decisions became more honest and grounded. I re-met my life and myself on many layers. The deepest and most valuable journey I have ever taken, from my heart, thank you for that "

 Carry D. - CMO


Key breakthrough after embodiment session.

Loes de Ruiter - Founder Growth Team Coaching

"Elise's master class was a gift and quite a surprise. A gift because she takes you into your body for 2 hours in such a wonderful way. Her enthusiasm and sincerity are contagious and because there is a lot of doing and moving, you get into it so easily.

I just came from work, so my mind was still pretty active at the beginning, but she had me in my body in no time and by the end I was lying there with a lovely tingling body, a few new insights and a few rolling tears on my soft body. How wonderful.

What amazed me was that she managed this so quickly and even over Zoom. Highly recommended for every woman. Above all, let us come home more and more to our own bodies, to ourselves."

Mervi Turkenburg

Reclaim the body and foot reflexologist

"During your master class, I felt myself sinking into my body and an energy flow, characterized by gentleness and confidence, flowed through me. It felt like coming home to my own body. This session alone brought me significantly closer to myself. Remarkable how you make that possible! Thank you for allowing me to experience this with you!"

Sandra Breed - de Wit

Owner Breed Interior and certified NEI Coach

"Being an entrepreneur and a coach can get in the way of my success. That's why I love working with Elise. She creates the space to reconnect my mind with my body. To allow myself to feel, even when it's uncomfortable. IN THAT SPACE, SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS. Pieces fall into place and new insights are found. I find the answers that allow me to go far beyond my limitations. "

Loes de Ruiter - Founder Growth Team Coaching

"Elise has a very good sense of what you need. With precision she guided me to the core of my problem and helped me reconnect with my body. With love, she showed me how to listen, feel and allow myself to LET MY BODY GUIDE ME. The embodied approach with somatic tools was new to me, but very effective. At this point in my life, it was 100% what I needed."

Anouk T. - HR Director

"I am working on my personal growth and development in all dimensions. I am prioritizing myself again to connect with my work, my relationship and my family from a deeper place.

I am learning how to reconnect with my inner voice and how to truly feel myself again.

The beauty of this journey lies in its ability to affect all facets of my life, which makes it even more important for me to keep walking this path.

I feel like I finally found my key again, the lock is just a little rusty."

Annet van Osch - Process Manager (review after 6 weeks in the Feminine Embodiment Mentorship)

"One of Elise's many positive attributes is her natural ability not only to identify limiting thoughts, but also to help overcome them. She has helped me break through the cycle of excessive thinking, take action and integrate it into my life. With her AUTHENTIC COACHING STYLE, she changes the ingrained pattern of simply surrendering to your current state of mind into an empowering pattern: creating clarity about what it is that you want and how you want to grow as a person."

LENNEKE H. -. Global Employer Branding Lead

"I worked with Elise through personal coaching and mentorship. After only our first session, I knew our journey would add so much value to my daily trials.

She worked with me to guide me to where I felt in control. Instead of pulling me along and showing me, she walked behind me and encouraged me to clear the fog so I could see the solutions I needed within my autonomy.

I immediately felt that the somatic and embodied tools had a positive impact on the way I perceived things. There was immediate satisfaction and long-lasting effects on the way I was able to navigate life within my capabilities.

I can recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life by SELFMEASURE AND GROW!"

NICOLA SCHOEMAN - marketing manager. 


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